The MagiWise School App

This app turns your iPad into a fun learning environment and provides access to much material that we published in separate digital workbooks. Each digital workbook is also available separately as an app, but if you do not want to buy a separate app every time then this app is the solution.


Within this app you can pick up several books with material on specific topics. The basic version provides access to a selection of the exercises. You can expand this basic version plus a subscription so that the whole MagiWise material will be available for a period to choose.


We regularly add new substance to this app so that the app every time will have more material to practice.

The digital books are divided into three groups.


Dutch language

The Dutch language is not easy for children. In this app you practice with verbs, syllables and reading comprehension.


If you are looking for specific topics than the knowledge exercises are right for you. They range from telling time to topography. Just those difficult facts you can learn by exercising regularly.


Whether you want to practice tables or learn to count to 1000. We have an exercise for many difficult subjects.

Individual education on your tablet
MagiWise is developing funny and educational apps for tablets in the classroom and at home on the couch.



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