Dutch - syllables

Target audience:
Children aging 11 till 13

iPad, iPhone 5,6,6+,7,7+
met IOS 9.0 of hoger

Leaning target:
Learning divide Dutch words into syllables.

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Dutch syllables

This app has been developed for and with children who have difficulty breaking down Dutch words into syllables. The app explains in a simple way the theory in the form of instruction cards and 7 exercises. In addition to the seven exercises, the app also contains four tests which you will learn 200 difficult words divide into syllables.


The structure of the app is in the form of a script so that the exercises may optionally be made in a different order. The app is ideal to support the preparation of CITO test and connects with Dutch education primary school groups 7, 8 and seventh grade.


The following topics are covered in the app:


  1. What are syllables?
  2. Two syllables split words.
  3. Words with three or more syllables split.
  4. Open and closed syllables.
  5. Syllables use in breaking down phrases.
  6. Syllables used in the compilation of words.
  7. Exceptions and rules when splitting words.
  8. Four tests consist of 200 difficult words


Immediately afterwards, but also at a later date, the teacher / parent can retrace the exercise and look back all the answers to the question. In this way, it is easy to evaluate the exercise together.



The exercises

The app has 7 different exercises and 4 keys. To give you an idea of the different ways of practicing with this app you will find some exercises explained below on the basis of short films.


Structure of the app

This app includes a booklet with exercises 7 and 4 tests. You are browsing through the app. The index gives a good overview of the progress.


Listen to the words

In this exercise, you first listen to the word. If you listen carefully you can divide the word into syllables.


Spliting short words

In this exercise, you practice one and two syllable words.


Spliting long words

Here you practice longer words split into three, four or more syllables.


Open and closed syllables

Here you learn the difference between open and closed syllables. This is useful if you need to apply later grammar rules.


Applying syllables

Syllables are useful if you want to abort the word at the end of the line. In this exercise you can practice this.


Combined words

In this exercise, you learn to work with compound words. the theory of syllables also here comes in handy.


Exception rules for the split into syllables

There are some rules you need to remember to break it up into syllables. This exercise contains some exceptions that you should know.



The four tests contain many long words you should be able to divide into syllables. You will see every time 4 words into syllables and you need to remove from it the right word split.


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