Dutch - verbs

Target audience:
Children aging 11 till 13

iPad, iPhone 5,6,6+,7,7+
met IOS 9.0 of hoger

Leaning target:
Learning to conjugate verbs in the past tense and the past participle.

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Dutch Verbs

In this app you will learn Dutch conjugate verbs in the past tense and past participle. In Dutch we know regular verbs (also called weak verbs), strong verbs (also called tone-changing verbs) and irregular verbs.


The app consists of the following four parts:


  1. Learn to conjugate verbs of weak according to the kofschip taxi line.
  2. Automate strong (and irregular) verbs.
  3. The past participle
  4. Test


In total, the app includes 44 exercises incorporating a total of 2000 questions.


The strong and irregular verbs you learn best by heart. This app has 24 exercises that let you train some 144 common strong verbs in three ways (i.e. choose fault in the sentence, write yourself). An exercise begins by displaying the list of verbs with the correct conjugations.


Also this app is developed for and with children who have difficulty writing down verbs in the past tense and the past participle in Dutch. This app supports children with learning the most common verbs. After making all the exercises you will make fewer mistakes and use the verbs in the future in the right way.



The exercises

The app has 44 different exercises. To give you an idea of the different ways of practicing with this app you will find some exercises explained below on the basis of short films.


Vowel or consonant

In order to properly conjugate weak (regular) verbs, the application step by step exercises to learn to apply the kofschip taxi line. The first exercise is about learning to understand what vowels and consonants.


The stem of the verb

In this exercise, you learn to formulate the stem of the verb you will use the kofschip taxi line.


The final consonant

In this exercise you search for the last consonant of the stem of the verb. Klink easy but there are some pitfalls you can fall into.


The word KofSchipTaxi

The word "kofschiptaxi". What is that? In this exercise we go one step further with the use of this word.


Executing the KofSchipTaxi rule

In this exercise you will learn how to use the entire kofschiptaxi rule.


Formulate the past tense of weak verbs

In this exercise, you show that you can use the kofschiptaxi rule with all weak verbs.


Search for the errors in the sentence

This exercise takes practice to. Look at the sentences, there is a sense in which the conjugation of the verb is incorrectly written.


Irregular verbs

In addition to regular verbs you also have irregular verbs (strong verbs). This you should learn you just from your head. The app performs the 150 most common strong verbs. Each time about 15 verbs are presented three exercises. So you can learn weekly a part of this list of verbs.


Practice the past participle

The past participle is not always regular. In three exercises you will learn to conjugate irregular verbs as a past participle.

Practice the past participle of weak verbs

We also have exercises to formulate the past participle of weak verbs. We also have exercises which are used both weak and strong verbs.

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