Knowledge - Working with length and contour

Target audience:
Children aging 7 till 12

iPad, iPhone 5,6,6+,7,7+
met IOS 9.0 of hoger

Leaning target:
Learn to count with lengths and being able to calculate the contour of shapes..

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Not yet

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Length and contour

Also this app was developed together with children who have difficulty with math and in particular rely on length and the phenomenon of "peripheral figures". This app puts an easy way in 10 steps how you can calculate with meters, centimetres, and other lengths. Also, the child learns how to calculate the perimeter of several figures. The app is ideal to support learning for school tests and connects with Dutch primary school education groups 6,7 and 8.


The following topics are covered in the app:


  • Exercise relations.
  • Addition and subtraction with similar sizes in the sum.
  • Calculate distance with equal measures in the matter.
  • Converting sizes.
  • Converting Measurements abbreviations.
  • Addition and subtraction with different sizes in the sum.
  • To calculate with different sizes in the matter.
  • Perimeter calculating figures.
  • Calculate circumference of difficult figures.
  • Test.




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