In addition to individual apps, you can also use the MagiWise school app. Through a flexible subscription you get access to all the latest and future exercises of MagiWise.

MagiWise School, home edition

This app gives you access to much material that we process in the individual apps. If you do not want to download every time a separate app, then this is the app for you.

Within this app you can pick up several books with material on specific topics. The basic version provides access to a selection of the exercises. You can expand this basic version by activate a subscription which gives you access to all exercises at once for a given period.


We regularly add new exercises to this app, so the app will include more and more material to practice in the near future. more >>

MagiWise School, classroom edition

Would you like as school to use our MagiWise apps we recommend this app. This app has the same curriculum as the standard home edition. In addition, you as a teacher can combine exercises to simple exercise books by yourself (eg. In the form of homework books). Teacher and children can log individually with their own MagiWise keypass. Each student can thus operate in its own area on any iPad in the classroom or at home. Naturally, able to make all the exercises offline so that the dependence on the Internet is minimal.


Also, this app provide support for the teacher to obtain progress reports and additional instructional materials for the digital screen in the classroom.


This app is not yet readily available in the App store. If you want to get more information on this app please contact us by sending a mail.

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