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Which law is leading for us?

We (makers of Magiwise apps) collect information on the usage of the apps. According to privacy legislation in several countries and territories this information might be considered personal data and in such case the gathering and usage is subject to strict rules. Our Privacy Policy aims to comply with these rules and give our users a clear understanding of what we collect and how we use this Information.


As we are based in The Netherlands, the Dutch law is applicable for our policy with regarding using our service. By using our service you agree that the Dutch law is leading in case of dispute concerning our privacy policy. The text below is a translation of our privacy policy written in Dutch, the Dutch text is leading in case of legal dispute.


What do we not collect?

When you download and use our mobile applications (apps) and our website, you are not required to provide any information to us by registration and we don’t collect any information during the usage of the apps which can be connected to an individual person (also often described as “personal information”). In this case we do not collect or store any personally information such as e-mail address or user name or precise geographical information (meaning more detailed information than the city code which can be obtained from the IP address).


In selected apps we offer the ability to extend the functionality using a subscription model by offering so called “in app”-purchases. Connected to these subscriptions, we offering a not obligated possibility to register these purchases at our server connected by a valid email address provided by you as user. This give you the functionality to store and restore the subscription in case of new installation of the app or (limited) installation on another device. We store the email address up to one year after expiration of the last subscription purchase and this email address is only used for the purpose as described in this paragraph.


We do not knowingly contact or collect personal information. If you believe we have inadvertently collected such information (especially from children under 13), please contact us so we can remove the information and take proper actions. As it is not our intention to collect and use this kind of information.


What do we collect?

Like many apps and websites, we collect by during by usage of the apps/website non-personal information with using unique device identifiers and/or cookies (small files installed by your browser) to anonymously identify your computer or device. By having this information we can further improve our service and apps and deliver to you a better experience.


By default for every installed app, we collect and store the following Information when the app is being used:


  • Unique Device Identifier (a unique number that lets us separate the devices apart);
  • IP Address (the internet address the app uses to connect to the Internet to our website);
  • Device type (iPad or Iphone/Ipod);
  • Product code of the app (technical name of the app);
  • Version of the app;
  • Language code used in the app;
  • Score obtained by the user for a completed exercise in the app


This information together provide us understanding if exercises are meeting the expectations of the user and meeting the level of understanding by our users. By collecting this scoring information together with the other listed information, it will help us to further optimise the exercises and related explanations pages in the app in every supported language.


We do not link any of this Information in any way to individuals or any other information (like email address for registration of subscriptions) we might obtain which could lead to individuals or personal related information. We do not share, sell or in any other way give other persons or companies access to this Information.


For collecting and storing these data we make use of our own storage database placed at the database server of our domain provider in The Netherlands. We scan periodically if these services are in compliance with our privacy policy.


We do not allow advertising companies to collect data through our apps/website for ad targeting. And we do not allow to add advertisements of third parties in our apps or website.


By downloading our apps and install them on your devices you agree with the policy as described above. We assume that children under 18 years ask first permission from their adults or supervisors for buying, downloading, installing and using our apps.


Access to internet.

Within the apps we offer the possibility to access to our website On this website we present all our apps as well more detailed support information regarding using our apps. We make sure the text is suitable for children and no content will be presented which is not suitable for children below 13 years old. On our website we do not link to other sites therefore access to internet will be limited to our website only.


When you do not want to share.

If you disagree with the idea of collecting and storing data as described above we offer in selected apps the possibility to lock the internet access and make sure the app is not sharing information to us via internet. This setting called “No internet access” can be found in the settings panel of the app which is located in the settings app of the device. By change the default setting from off to on, the app will not connect to the internet. Although most of the functions operate without access to internet some specific internet related functions will be blocked and cause that this function will not be available for the user.


Please be informed that if the app does not have the setting as described above in its settings panel, it means this version does have access to internet and share information with our server following the protocol as described in this policy.


When you have questions about our privacy policy.

If you have any question on the Information we collect, feel free to contact us at


This privacy policy was last updated on November 1st 2016. Our privacy policy may change from time to time. If we make any changes to our policy, we will place an update on this place at our website.



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