Dutch - Comprehension reading

Target audience:
Children aging 11 till 13

iPad, iPhone 5,6,6+,7,7+
met IOS 9.0 of hoger

Leaning target:
Exercises for learning to read comprehension.

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On the savannah

Do you have trouble with reading comprehension Dutch in school? This is a fun exercise app. This app contains eight fun exercises and one combined test. Each exercise contains one or two bits of text which you should read carefully. Then you get five random questions about the text.  All texts are about animals that live on the savannah in Africa and are adapted for upper primary school. The app includes the following exercises:


  1. The roar of the lion.
  2. The African buffalo.
  3. The giraffe and its enemies
  4. The hyena and lion
  5. The cheetah is the fastest
  6. The neck and the eyes of the giraffe
  7. The zebra stripes
  8. The trumpeter Elephant
  9. Test 'Savannah'


Immediately afterwards, but also at a later moment, the teacher / parent can retrace the exercise and retrieve all the answers in the form of screenshots. In this way, it is easy to evaluate the exercise together.



The exercises

The app has 8 different exercises. To give you an idea of the different ways of practicing with this app you will find below an explanation on the basis of short films.


Setup of the booklet

This app contains 8 pieces of informational text about animals that live on the savannah. After reading a piece of text, you get some questions you need to answer. The answers can be found in the text.


Example of questioning

In this video you see an example of a question on the text from the first exercise.


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